Lawyer For Medicaid Nursing Home Placement

Decisions about nursing home care can be challenging for any family. Quality care is important, and sometimes it is hard to know what to do. At the Bay Shore, New York, Elder Law & Special Needs Practice of Felicia Pasculli, Esq., we provide representation for families needing help with Medicaid assistance for nursing home placement on Long Island and throughout New York.

From our offices in the Long Island community of Bay Shore, we serve clients in Nassau County, Suffolk County and communities throughout Long Island and the state of New York.

Long Island Nursing Home Attorneys

Elder law lawyer Felicia Pasculli, Esq., and our staff are devoted to obtaining the best and most appropriate Medicaid benefits and medical care for our disabled and elderly clients. We identify health care options for our clients that consider family dynamics and proximity to loved ones. This includes information about a selection of possible quality providers and options on how to best pay for their services.

Not every nursing home in New York accepts residents on Medicaid assistance. We will find the most appropriate options for your family and loved one.

Our firm has earned the respect and trust of sought-after facilities, and assists our clients with placements. We are especially adept at assisting families of clients with dementia, who often exhibit emotional and behavioral difficulties, which can negatively affect admittance to quality nursing homes.

From experience, we understand how difficult it can be to delegate caregiving burdens to others. Day-to-day care for a loved one can be exhausting and make focusing on decisions difficult. Our attorneys serve as dedicated legal advocates and strive to make the legal process less cumbersome for our clients from start to finish. Our capable representation puts clients at ease and gives them peace of mind.

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