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During a time of grief, it is often hard to take the next step and deal with the finances of a deceased loved one. Located in Bay Shore on Long Island, the Elder Law & Special Needs Practice of Felicia Pasculli, Esq., provides representation needed to effectively resolve probate and estate administration issues for families in Nassau County, Suffolk County and communities throughout New York.

Long Island Probate Attorney

We understand how overwhelming the legal process can seem for families faced with probate and estate administration. It is our goal to make legal matters less cumbersome for our clients.

From the start, we help our clients by taking an inventory of assets to determine whether each has a beneficiary, is jointly held or under the name of the deceased. When no joint ownership exists, a last will and testament can identify an executor to take charge of the estate. The distribution of assets and beneficiaries are also listed in a will. When no will exists, New York law determines how assets are distributed.

Estate Administration Lawyers

A petition is prepared and submitted to the county court of the deceased to begin acting on behalf of the estate. Estate administration can involve the payment of debt, estate taxes and income taxes, as well as the liquidation of bank accounts, stocks, bonds and mutual funds and the sale of real estate and personal property. Executors and administrators must properly address every step to avoid any personal liability.

Our attorneys are skilled legal advocates for clients faced with probate and estate administration and other elder law issues. We ensure a proper approach is used to complete every detail involved with probate and estate administration.

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