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March 2017 Archives

New York Medicaid planning attorney can help with complex rules

When a nursing home stay becomes unavoidable, many elderly residents of New York believe they can rely on Medicaid. They spent down their assets as they were told -- incorrectly, it turns out -- that they needed to do before they would qualify for Medicaid assistance. Unfortunately, qualifying for Medicaid benefits and protecting assets -- including one's personal home -- is a lot more complex than most people expect, which is why many turn to a New York Medicaid planning attorney for assistance.

How many copies of your health care proxy do you need?

Your health can have a considerable impact on various other aspects of your life. Therefore, you likely want to take the necessary steps to ensure that you take care of your health as best as possible. Of course, in the event of serious illness or injury, you may not have the ability to express your care desires on your own.

Value of legal counsel when drafting New York powers of attorney

For the senior citizens of New York, estate planning, planning for Medicaid and planning for health care and its costs all tend to overlap and go hand in hand. Establishing powers of attorney – quite possibly one of the most important documents an individual can have in regards to estate planning – can have far reaching effects if – and especially if not – done properly. For this reason, it is generally advisable for individuals to forego attempting to fill out the paperwork themselves, especially since a regulation change in late 2016. An attorney with experience in elder law planning can help draft all necessary forms.

Planning ahead in New York with a living will

While individuals in New York may have heard of advance health care directives, a surprising number do not have one in place. Whether this is due to procrastination, a wish to avoid facing unpleasant issues such as death, or simply a lack of understanding of the issue's magnitude, one thing is clear: there are essentially no negatives or drawbacks to having an advance health care directive. Especially for the elderly, the importance of an advance directive – a living will and a medical power of attorney – is difficult to argue with.

New York Medicaid planning now may prevent hassle, stress later

For elderly residents of New York and their families, Medicaid is not a matter to be tackled lightly. Nursing homes are expensive and most people do not have the funds to pay for long term care without a significant draining of assets. Medicaid is supposed to help pick up the cost of long-term senior health care, but the program is income-based and individuals who have not exhausted all other means may not qualify until they do so. However, it can be disheartening and upsetting for people to watch their life savings quickly disappear. This is where Medicaid planning can help.

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