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December 2018 Archives

Protecting documents is an important part of estate planning

Many New York residents understand the benefits of having estate plans. They take the time to make major life, end-of-life and after-life decisions so that their surviving loved ones will have the information they need to close the remaining estates. However, estate planning does not end with creating the documents that provide that information. It also involves protecting them and making them accessible.

Does your veteran parent need nursing home care?

If you have an elderly parent who is a veteran, then you may know they are eligible for benefits through the Veterans Administration (VA). You may not know, however, exactly what those benefits are and whether they can help your parent who now needs nursing home care. Here are a few highlights from the complicated world of VA benefits to get you started:

Discussing power of attorney information important for care

When making important decisions that involve other people, it is often wise to discuss the situation with the other parties involved. For example, if a New York resident wants to appoint a loved one or other trusted party to make medical decisions for him or her in the event of incapacitation, it is important to talk about those wishes. In some cases, the person given power of attorney may need to broach the topic.

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