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January 2019 Archives

Three reasons you should create a will

While it can be sad to think about the end of your life, it can also be an act of responsibility to prepare for the future of your loved ones after you are gone. You may have several assets in your possession, and it is important to note that your loved ones may not automatically inherit everything you own simply because they are your family. 

Understanding countable assets and countable income for Medicaid

A substantial number of elderly New York residents will need some type of long-term care. Because this care can be expensive, many individuals often want to receive financial help through benefits programs like Medicaid. However, in order to receive such benefits, the potential recipient must meet the necessary qualifications. In particular, his or her countable resources and countable income cannot exceed a certain amount.

Appointing power of attorney agents vital for important decisions

Getting one's affairs in order in relation to how end-of-life wishes should be handled can be a sensitive topic. Still, estate planning is vital for any adult in New York or elsewhere because there will be numerous questions that need answering in the event that a person becomes incapacitated. One question that often needs answering relates to who is in charge of a person's affairs. Fortunately, that question can be answered with power of attorney appointments.

Estate plans often have documents that overlap

Many New York residents want their estate plans to cover the important facets of their lives. Fortunately, there are many ways in which estate plans can help achieve that desire. However, it is important to remember that planning tools need to work well together in order for the details of the plan to work overall.

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