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Medicaid planning is a delicate balance of now and then

If your parent spent the last years of his or her life in a nursing home, you probably understand the financial toll. In fact, your loved one may have put off seeking long-term care because of the astronomical cost, but in the end, it was unavoidable. Your parent may have had to sell your childhood home and use up all his or her assets to qualify for Medicaid, leaving you and your siblings with no inheritance and perhaps lingering medical and funeral expenses.

Powers of attorney -- better to be prepared

Your never know what curve balls life will throw in your direction. While it may be impossible to prepare for everything that may go wrong, there are some things you can do to protect yourself in the event anything happens to you. Assigning powers of attorney is a great place to start.

Nursing home care costs continue to increase

Throughout your life, you may have taken pride in keeping yourself as healthy as possible. With a balanced diet and exercise regimen, you could feel much younger than your years. However, you likely also know that you cannot control every aspect of your health, and a sudden issue could come up at any time.

Forming a special trust for a special needs family member

Estate planning is a necessary step for every individual looking to have a certain amount of control over what happens to his or her estate. However, a complete estate plan also offers many advantages outside of simply outlining who gets what, and one of these includes the ability to plan for the care of a loved one who cannot care for him or herself.

Is a revocable living trust right for you?

Are you like other New York residents who think that only the rich and famous benefit from trusts? If so, you need to know that just about anyone can benefit from a trust. As you ponder how you want to structure your estate plan, don't discount using a trust.

Plan ahead with an advance directive

At some point in your life, you may have found yourself in a predicament that resulted in your having to make difficult health-related decisions for someone else, or perhaps you witnessed the toll such a situation took on someone else. As a result, you may have decided to avoid placing your loved ones in such a difficult situation in the event that you cannot make health-related decisions for yourself.

Which estate planning tools offer the help you need?

At some point in your life, you will likely have concerns about what will happen to your assets and your family in the event of your death. Whether a specific event sparks the concerns, such as the birth of a child or coming to terms with your eventual demise, taking the steps to address your needs could prevent issues in the future. However, deciding which planning options may work best for you could seem overwhelming.

Putting assets in a trust can benefit your special needs child

Are you the parent of a child with special needs? Are you concerned about how to take care of him or her or how he or she will manage your assets after you are gone? Numerous parents in New York who have children with disabilities have these concerns, so you are not alone.

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